Pearl Academy Portfolio 2016

sukanya kapoor



Sukanya kapoors inspiration- JUNKYARD. It all started when she visited junkyard cafe with her friends for the very first time. The ambience left her agog. Her favourite part was how they had added life to the concept of junkyard. So, from there she thought of taking junkyard as her inspiration for clothing line and add more colors to it. She did not want to restrict herself with the rustic or the raw look rather she wanted to add more elements to it. The whole idea did not just revolve around recycling,but finding beauty in items that are often overlooked. In her entire collection, She has connected a wide range of fabric swatches or in simple words fabric katrans.The idea of bringing together or attaching different fabric katrans by using various techniques gave a fresh look to the entire theme. Hence taking junk as her muse, she created some masterpieces.

sukanya kapoor'S
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