Pearl Academy Portfolio 2016

srishti anand


Introduction to Digital Marketing & Comparative Analysis Report of Indianroots

Indianroots is an emerging company in e-commerce industry. The company wants to give good quality products and service to drive customer satisfaction. Indianroots wants to deliver heritage and style like never before. With handpicked selection of high-end designer wear, hand crafted home linen, accessories and many more, the company wants to create a market place where global Indians can come together to shop, share and fall in love with the best ethnic designer wears represent the culture and tradition of India. The purpose of this project is to get an overview of what digital marketing is and how it has helped Indianroots to achieve its targets, to analyze the market position of Indianroots as compared to its competitors. The project will also provide a deep understanding of e-commerce and marketing structure followed in Indianroots, elements of digital marketing, measurement tools and role of digital marketing in today’s scenario. The three-month internship program gave me a platform to know about Digital Marketing and came to know about E-commerce companies in Indian Ethnic wear industry. The Study held in three stages as follows: • Firstly, understand about E-commerce and Digital Marketing. • Secondly, comparative report of E-commerce websites in Indian Ethnic wear industry. • Finally, analyze the comparison report. In the first stage of the study, I made an attempt to understand the digital marketing, e-commerce and marketing structure that followed in Indianroots. I noticed that people are very self-motivated and aggressive, since they are dealing with the legacy of a renowned brand and they are strict with their core values. In the second stage of the study, I did deep research on internet to gather data of different companies or competitors of Indianroots which includes the details about the traffic, geography, searches, etc. At the final stage, I gathered all the data and analyzed it to make it more fruitful in terms of suggestion and recommendation which can improve the brand image and sales of Indianroots.

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