Pearl Academy Portfolio 2016

Sanya arora



Stylecheck is a personal application/website which lets user shop directly from their favourite street style photos featured in the inspiration feed. It recommends outfits and pieces for the users to shop based on their personal style and interest. Users will be given their own instagram like profile where they can upload street style pictures of them - photos for style feedback And the bonus part of the style check community : User can meet and chat with other style bloggers as well as get any outfit or style advice from a sea of fashion lovers by just tapping away on the site. Brings together expert curated and crowd sourced pictures of fashion trends and designer styles. Gives you the opportunity to put stuff within a community of fashion recognized faces while browsing and shopping for your favourite looks. Explore endless inspiration walls full of the hottest outfits , newest trends, and must have clothes . Build your own lookbook or profile and share it with a community entirely devoted to fashion . Website Link-

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