Pearl Academy Portfolio 2016

Ruchika goyal


Global cluster study

It is a study about China and India which have the fastest growing luxury markets in the world. On the one hand, China is about to reach the second place in the Luxury Market scenario and on the other, India has still a long way to go, despite adequate scope. China has recently surpassed the stage that India is at today. This research not only throws light on the luxury industries of the two economies but also elaborates the respective consumer behaviours, growth of digital acceptance, retail hubs and evolution at large. At the initial stage of the research study, the global positioning of the luxury markets of the two countries are talked about and then they are compared to how Gucci functions differently for both of them due to difference in consumers, rules and regulations, real estate and knowledge of the brand. At the end a set of recommendations are given for the indian luxury market.

Ruchika goyal'S
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