Pearl Academy Portfolio 2016

paavni chogtu


Paradigm shift from masculinity to metrosexuality

The aim of the research is to establish an understanding about relation between mens and cosmetics and the whole concept of Metrosexuality. As nowadays, men are more conscious of their body and the need to conform to the injunctions of youthfulness, healthiness, and thinness which make them go from “sanitarians to body aesthetics” The development of fashion magazines for men reinforces this new concern of the men for their appearance. Thus, the men conform more and more to certain patterns of beauty and are more sensitive to the cosmetics, like products enable them to improve their appearance, to put it in scene, to dramatize it. However, although men use more and more cosmetics, it is estimated that their products are still bought at 80% by their wife. Indian men are finally coming out of the closet when it comes to having a daily grooming regime. They are no longer shy of using creams, lotions, face scrub, shower gels and so on meant for male skin. Grooming is no longer a quick shave, slapping on some aftershave and heading out of the door, it is growing into something more.

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