Pearl Academy Portfolio 2016

Kopal nigam


smartivity - smart toy station

“Beginning of a new era in Indian Toy Industry – Augmented Reality” Toys have evolved over the ages from simple dolls and cars to electronic toys, and more recently have been integrating mobile technologies. Current trends from Toy Fair 2014 and 2015 indicate the growing popularity of augmented reality toys and integration with smartphones and mobile apps. Smartivity, the first of its own kind to introduce this concept in India gave me this opportunity to experience the effect of augmented reality and other interactive technologies, are changing what it means to play, read and interact. "Augmented reality lets kids role-play but adds that element of magic". The toys that integrate new technologies that have been developed in all sorts of industries. From creating your own custom plastic toy on a 3D printer, to wearable products that can be use as toys, unbelievable augmented reality proposals, paint that can become musical instruments, and many other products that will cause a big wow effect. The virtual and the real world are integrated more than ever. Several proposals for traditional toys with new functions thanks to the addition of amazing new technologies would be witnessed. Another famous trend in toy industry are “Little Scientists” Which is the reflection of the importance of familiarizing children with STEM areas early on. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, subjects that are more and more used in the development of all kinds of toys and games. Through play, parents hope to give their children a successful basis for their future careers. They are valuing toys that teach their children knowledge from a broad range of science. From understanding nature and our environment better to how thing are built and work. And one of the best things about this trend is that it is not only focused on boys, but there are plenty of new toys to get girls interested in the world of science and engineering! All these trends are the reflections of what is happening in society. They summarize some of the main characteristics of the new toy developments that will be in the market soon. Toys that propose great ways of playing, encouraging children to discover their creativity, their love for science while, at the same time amazing them. Parents will love these toys that are prepared to boost creativity, learning and tech-innovation through play. By Kopal Nigam

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