Pearl Academy Portfolio 2016

akriti chauhan


Fashion bloggers- "The new opinion leaders"

Fashion Bloggers, the new opinion leaders are creating a significant impact on the mindsets of the Indian consumers and a numerous fashion based organizations. Stepping into the digital space has given the liberty to everyone to voice out their minds. But the same space has led to a bit of a commotion as well. For e.g.: 1) with a lot of fashion brands and e-commerce companies coming up, it leads to the failure in the decision-making capabilities among customers. 2) The body structure of an Indian women is way different from the foreign models who model the clothes for an Indian e-commerce company. Hence, it is very difficult to connect with them which leads to a sense of insecurity. Hence, FASHION BLOGGERS come into action. People usually feel connected with them because of the following reasons: a) It is easier to believe fashion bloggers as they present the firsthand information about what they feel. They try out fashion/trends/outfits themselves and then be their own worst critics. Hence, word of mouth plays a huge role in the fashion industry. b) Fashion bloggers are just like anyone else, normal people (no models and actresses), who are trying to make their environment fashionable and stylish, regardless of their skin, color and body type. c) Fashion bloggers work for themselves. They are the entrepreneurs and speak their minds and hearts when it comes to fashion. They speak up in favor or against it only if they have a strong opinion about a particular style or a trend. Hence, fashion industry sees a bright scope in the upcoming fashion bloggers. They now know who the major inspiration for their target audiences is. Therefore, fashion related organizations are getting more attracted towards such opinion leaders- “Fashion Bloggers” to sell their products in a more convincing manner.

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